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  • Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin, 1961
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Our group is involved in studying both macroscopic and sub-microscopic properties of colloids and fluid surfaces. Various lines of investigation are employed in these studies. For example, quantum yields of fluorescence emanating from special dye molecules solubilized in colloidal aggregates of surfactant molecules provide information regarding the polarity and water content of these aggregates, which are commonly called "micelles." We are currently employing Xe-129 NMR to gather complementary information on the sub-microscopic level about micellar and other highly dispersed systems such as suspensions of liposomes and microemulsions. We also use gas solubility measurements as a means to explore the solvent properties of micellar solutions and microemulsions. The thermodynamic information derived from this latter type of experiment is compared with various models invoked to describe bulk properties of colloidal systems