Chemistry Department Operations


The UGA Chemistry Department has an operations function that is responsible for most administrative activities in the department, exclusive of Finance and HR.  Our work includes everything from developing in house software applications to maintaining the departmental website to tracking maintenance work orders.


The Department Operating Officer is Tom Johnson, who joined UGA in November of 2017.  His responsibilities include both day-to-day operations of the department, as well as the process improvement initiative called CORE (see below).  His administrative assistant is Kelli Porterfield, and a Data Custodian is being hired to start in November of 2019.

Chemistry Operations Re-Engineering (CORE)

After investigating and analyzing departmental administration for a year or more, in 2017 Professors Robert Scott and Jon Amster launched a broad initiative to optimize the operations of the department.  Their project included consulting with department stakeholders, modeling a large number of activities, and identifying areas for improvement.  A Department Operating Officer was hired in November, and a small team of student workers from Terry College was assembled.  Students in the Business Process Modeling course in Terry's MIS program were also engaged to formally model dozens of department processes. 

Rollout of the first of these these improvements began in October of 2019.  The team has deployed a cloud-based application and database solution.  An introductory video describing the program has been developed: CORE