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Overview of Introductory Chemistry Courses

Non-STEM Majors

Elementary Chemistry, CHEM 1110 with lab – This course is intended for non-STEM majors.  It counts as a part of the Area II requirement for "physical science with lab."  The companion laboratory course, Chem 1110L, is a mandatory co-requisite.

Basics of Chemistry, CHEM 1210 with no lab – This course is intended for students who did not take chemistry in high school or who struggled with high school chemistry.  While covering the basics of chemistry is a focus of the course, a great deal of time is also spent learning how to learn on your own and focus on concepts rather than memorizing facts and algorithms.  This course can count toward the Area II physical science requirement.  There is no lab with CHEM 1210.

STEM Majors

Freshman Chemistry, CHEM 1211 and 1212 – This is the main general chemistry sequence.  It is a required course for most STEM majors and pre-health students.  The course is taught in a ‘flipped’ style meaning that students must read the textbook before class and come in with a basic understanding of the material.  In class, the instructors will work with the students to build a better understanding of the concepts through interactive questions, activities, and case studies.  Students are expected to focus on the concepts and not on memorizing content and solutions.  The companion laboratory courses, Chem 1211L / 1212L  are mandatory co-requisites.

Advanced Freshman Chemistry – There are two versions of this course.



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