Continued support via a research assistantship (RA) or teaching assistantship (TA) requires maintenance of good standing, which includes all of the following

  1. Fulfilling all program requirements on schedule (cf. the Checklists below).
  2. Maintenance of at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA overall and in graduate Chemistry classes. The Graduate School Bulletin states "Students with a cumulative graduate course average below 3.0 for two consecutive terms are placed on academic probation by the Graduate School. They then must make a 3.0 or higher semester graduate average each succeeding semester that their overall cumulative graduate average is below 3.0. These students are no longer on probation when their cumulative graduate average is 3.0 or above. If they make below a 3.0 semester graduate average while on probation, they are dismissed."
  3. Receiving "Acceptable" (or better) ratings in each task of each course for which GLA performance was evaluated in the most recent semester in which GLA duties were performed.
  4. Receiving an "S" grade for any GRSC 7770 course taken within the last year.
  5. Receiving at least one "S" grade in CHEM 7000/9000 in the previous two semesters (applies to students beyond their first year).
  6. For international students, meeting the university's language requirements to be certified for teaching within one calendar year of admission.
  7. Completing a degree in a timely manner. The expected time for a full-time student to complete an M.S. degree is 3 years, while that for a Ph.D. is five years. Unless studies are interrupted by extenuating circumstances, these degrees should be completed no later than one year beyond these expected times. The Graduate Curriculum Committee, in consultation with the Department Head, will evaluate any extenuating circumstances.
  8. Adhering to UGA’s academic honesty code, “A Culture of Honesty.” An official finding of academic dishonesty against a chemistry graduate student by a University panel causes the student to lose their good standing.