Each Ph.D. student must register for the appropriate section of CHEM 8120-8150 (seminar) every non-summer semester in residence. Furthermore, each Ph.D. student must give three departmental seminars. The first two of these seminars must be given and letter-graded as part of CHEM 8120-8150, and the student must receive at least a B grade on each. The grade that is assigned for the seminar course will be based on attendance and participation in discussion of the seminar topics presented. The Graduate Coordinator’s Office will keep track of all passed seminar presentations.

One of these first two seminars should be on the student's research project, and the other must be on a literature topic unrelated to the student's research project or any other projects going on in the student's research group. The topic for this literature seminar must be approved in advance by the faculty member in charge of the seminar program. The third seminar is given as part of the Final Defense.