Entering graduate students are encouraged to acquaint themselves with all the various research opportunities available in the department as soon as possible so that they can complete their selection of a research advisor, i.e. the Major Professor, by the end of the first semester in residence. Students should review the faculty research interests to gain an overview of current work in the Department of Chemistry.

During the first semester in residence, each student is required to attend at least one seminar per week. To gain exposure to the available research possibilities, students can attend a seminar in any one of the four divisional areas (Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, Physical), or a departmental colloquium, during their first semester. Each student is required to meet with at least three faculty members before selection of a research advisor. Each of these faculty members will sign a form (see attachment) that must be turned in to the selected research advisor, who must be a member of the Graduate Faculty. The student must choose a research advisor by the end of the first semester in residence.