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The Chemistry Department is operating near or at enrollment capacity for most of its CHEM 1000-level and CHEM 2000-level courses.  Waitlists allow students to secure a place in the queue for a class at its enrollment capacity in the event a seat becomes available on Athena.  The following provides information pertaining to Waitlists and contains instructions regarding what you must do to utilize this enrollment resource.

  • Waitlists are maintained by the UGA Registrar prior to the beginning of the semester for chemistry laboratory courses only.  Lecture courses do not have Waitlists.  If a seat is available in a laboratory section there will be a corresponding seat available in a lecture section.  You can access the Waitlist for a desired class via Athena. 
  • All CHEM 1000-level and CHEM 2000-level laboratory courses have co-requisite lecture courses. You must register for both lecture and lab co-requisite courses unless you have already completed one of them.  If you desire to repeat a lecture course for which you have already successfully completed its co-requisite laboratory course you must contact and request an override.       
  • The UGA Registrar closes the Waitlists three business days before the Add/Drop period.  The Chemistry Department copies the Waitlists prior to their removal by the UGA Registrar.  Consequently, your place in the queue is retained and when a seat becomes available in the section for which you are waitlisted you will be contacted by and given 24 hours to claim that seat.  If you do not reply within 24 hours your place in the queue will be lost and the seat will be offered to the next student in the queue.
  • If you did not place your name on the Waitlist prior to its removal by the UGA Registrar you must contact to add your name to the waitlist that is retained by the Chemistry Department.  You will be added to the queue and contacted by if a seat becomes available in your selected section.
  • Once you are registered for both courses do not drop either the lecture or laboratory course if you desire to select a different class time.  This action will drop you from both the lecture and laboratory courses and you will be placed at the end of the queue to re-register.  If you desire to change sections to a different time you must contact and request a Section Change.  
  • Registration changes occur throughout the week of Add/Drop.  A seat in the section you desire may not appear until the last day of the Add/Drop period.  Be patient!  However, for your own benefit it is essential that you attend the class in which you desire to be enrolled beginning with the first day of classes.  You may also wish to inform the instructor that you are waitlisted for that section. 

The Chemistry Department makes every effort to assist in your registration.  Please be aware, however, that the department cannot guarantee that a seat will become available in the section that is most convenient for your class schedule.  We will work with you to provide alternatives from which you may select.

Contact Us

Requests for information or support are handled through email exchange with the General Chemistry Administrator. Send all email to Do NOT send requests to any other email address; doing so will delay your support by 2 to 5 business days.

Allow one full business day for a reply. If, for example, you send a request at 6 PM on a Wednesday, it will be received the following morning, and a reply can be generally expected one business day later, which would be Friday morning. Do not send additional emails on the same topic; this will delay your support by 1 to 3 business days. 

You must include your full name, MyID, and 810 number on all email. If any of this information is missing, the email will be returned without action, resulting in a delay.

All credit transfer and overrides require that you attach a copy of your transcript. If you do not have an official transcript yet, you may send a screen shot of the unofficial grade report or online transcript. The screen shot must show the following information:

  • Name of the institution.
  • Name of the student
  • Year and semester
  • The course number (e.g. “CHEM 3456”) and title (e.g. “Inorganic Chemistry”).
  • Grade

If the transcript is not attached, the email will be returned without action, resulting in a delay.

Support Us

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Assistant to the Department Head: Donna Spotts, 706-542-1919 

Main office phone: 706-542-1919 

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Head of Chemistry: Prof. Jason Locklin