Computing and Networking

Committee Chair: Joel Caughran

Richard Morrison, Wayne Suggs

Executive Committee

Committee Chair: I. Jonathan Amster

Michael Duncan, Geoffrey Smith, Tina Salguero, Eric Ferreira, Jin Xie. Richard Morrison

Faculty Awards

Committee Chair: Henry Schaefer

Geert-Jan Boons, Gregory Robinson

Graduate Admissions

Committee Chair: Gregory Robinson

Gary Douberly, Eric Ferreira, Amanda Frossard, Melanie Reber, Tina Salguero, Geoffrey Smith, Jin Xie

Graduate Curriculum

Committee Chair: Michael Duncan

Jason Locklin, Gregory Robinson, Geoffrey Smith, Jeffrey Urbauer

Instructional Instrumentation

Committee Chair: Wayne Suggs

Richard Hubbard, Richard Morrison, Geoffrey Smith, Daphne Norton

Promotion and Tenure

Committee Chair: Geoffrey Smith

Michael Duncan, Robert Phillips, James Prestegard, Gregory Robinson, John Stickney

Research Instrumentation Committee

Committee Chair: Eric Ferreira

Todd Harrop, Jeffrey Urbauer, Dennis Phillips, Dongtao Cui, Pingrong Wei


Committee Chair: John Stickney

Joel Caughran, Michael Duncan, Richard Hubbard, George Majetich

Space Allocation and Renovation

Committee Chair: Geoffrey Smith

Wesley Allen, Michael Duncan, Michael Johnson, Vladimir Popik, John Stickney

Student Awards

Committee Chair: Richard Morrison

Richard Hubbard, Daphne Norton, Wayne Suggs

Undergraduate Advising

Committee Chair: Gary Douberly

Wesley Allen, Todd Harrop, Richard Morrison, Robert Phillips, Wayne Suggs

Undergraduate Curriculum

Committee Chair: Gary Douberly

Richard Morrison, Robert Phillips, Geoffrey Smith, Wayne Suggs, Tina Salguero

Website Development

Committee Chair: I. Jonathan Amster

Wesley Allen, Gregory Robinson, Gary Douberly, Eric Ferreira, Joel Caughran, Geoffrey Smith